Wattsun, AZ-125, Dual Axis Option for AZ-125 Tracker Drivers

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Wattsun, AZ-125,  Dual Axis Option for AZ-125 Tracker Drivers


  • Wattsun, AZ-125,  Dual Axis Option for AZ-125 Tracker Drivers

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PLEASE NOTE: This item cannot be purchased separately  It must be purchased with the AZ-125 and installed at the factory!


Dual-Axis is optional for the AZ-125 Series Trackers. The Dual-Axis Option allows for automatic elevation of the array so that the owner does not have to manually adjust the array monthly or seasonally.

The Dual-Axis Option includes an Elevation Actuator and a Dual-Axis Controller. Wattsun azimuth tracker gear drive rotates the PV array on the pole mount so the bottom edge of the array always remains parallel to the ground resulting in a low profile and exceptional stability in the wind.


A Dual-Axis Tracker enables automatic tracking of the sun's elevation as well. Dual-axis trackers completely capture all the power the sun delivers. Dual-Axis Tracking is included in the price of the AZ-225 Tracker and is an affordable option on the AZ-125 Tracker.


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