Uni Solar 144 Watt PVL-144 Solar Panel

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Uni Solar 144 Watt PVL-144 Solar Panel

Uni Solar

  • Uni Solar 144 Watt PVL-144 Solar Panel
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Uni-Solar Solar Panels

UNI-SOLARå¨ is the world‰Ûªs largest producer of flexible solar panels with a light, durable product that provides more total energy production than any other solar panel on the planet. And, thanks to the combined technological know-how of UNI-SOLAR and our parent company Energy Conversion Devices (ECD), our product line just keeps getting better. Another ECD company, Solar Integrated, gives us the expertise to install UNI-SOLAR products globally, on any roof under the sun, which means a full-circle solar solution for you.

Product details for Uni Solar 144 Watt PVL-14

Uni-Solar, 144W PV Module, MC3, USE-2, 4mm Black PVL Flexible Laminate, 22 Cell Amorphous, 8A Fuse, 136.5W PTC, PVL-144


The UNI-SOLAR PVL Series modules are lightweight and flexible. These laminates are field applied (i.e. cold bonded) to Zn-Al coated steel pans (Galvalume,Zincalume, or equivalent) using a "peel and apply" application process. Authorized installers do the application of these laminates to steel pans. Installation of the pans (with laminates) requires only a few, but important, modifications of the conventional installation procedures (location of fasteners, clip modification, Z-closure height). Roofers should be thoroughly familiar with the standard procedures prior to installation. Only qualified, licensed electricians should undertake wiring of the panels to the building's electrical system.


UNI-SOLAR PV laminates are designed for use with other specialized equipment, including DC combiner boxes, charge controllers, DC/AC inverters, and ground fault protection and interruption equipment. System design and component selections must comply with the National Electric Code (NEC) and all state and local codes.



  • High Temperature and Low Light Performance
  • 5-Year Limited Product Warranty
  • Limited Power Output Warranty: 92% at 10 years, 84% at 20 years, 80% at 25 years (of minimum power)
  • Quick-Connect Terminals and Adhesive Backing
  • Bypass Diodes for Shadow Tolerance 
  • Qualification & Certificates

    UL 1703 Listed by Underwriters Laboratories for electrical and fire safety (Class A Max. Slope 2/12, Class B Max. Slope 3/12, Class C Unlimited Slope fire ratings) for use in systems up to 600 VDC.


  • 5-Year Limited Product Warranty
  • Limited Power Output Warranty: 92% at 10 years, 84% at 20 years, 80% at 25 years (of minimum power)

    Safety Ratings & Certifications


    • Wattage
    • Manufacturer
      Uni Solar

    Electrical characteristics

    • Panel Technology
      Amorphous Silicon
    • Maximum Power (Pmax)
      144 Watt
    • Tolerance of Pmax
      å± 5 %
    • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)
      46.2 V
    • Maximum Power at Voltage (Vpm)
      33.0 V
    • Short Circuit Current (Isc)
      5.3 A
    • Maximum Power at Current (Ipm)
      4.36 A
    • Maximum System (DC) Voltage
      1000VDC (TÌÏV-Rh/IEC61646-IEC61730) / 600VDC (UL)
    • NOCT
      46 å¡C
    • Temperature Coefficient (Pmax)
    • Temperature Coefficient (Voc)
    • Temperature Coefficient (lsc)

    Mechanical characteristics

    • Panel Dimensions
      216" x 15.5" 0.2"
    • Panel Weight
      17 lbs
    • Cable Length
      4 mm2 (12 AWG) cable with weatherproof DC-rated quick-connect terminals 560 mm (22‰ÛÏ) length