Uni Solar 128 Watt PVL-128 Solar Panel

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Uni Solar 128 Watt PVL-128 Solar Panel

Uni Solar

  • Uni Solar 128 Watt PVL-128 Solar Panel
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Product details for Uni Solar 128 Watt PVL-12

Uni-Solar, 128W PV Module, MC3, USE-2, 4mm Black PVL Flexible Laminate, 22 Cell Amorphous, 8A Fuse, 121.2W PTC, PVL-128

UNI-SOLAR 128 Watt Field Applied PV laminates (PVL-128) are designed to provide many years of reliable roofing protection and independent electric power. They will perform at their maximum with the proper power system design, installation, use and maintenance. This manual is designed to assist product owners, roofers, and electricians in the proper use and installation of this product.

The UNI-SOLAR PVL Series modules are lightweight and flexible. These laminates are field applied (i.e. cold bonded) to Zn-Al coated steel pans (Galvalume,Zincalume, or equivalent) using a "peel and apply" application process. Authorized installers do the application of these laminates to steel pans. Installation of the pans (with laminates) requires only a few, but important, modifications of the conventional installation procedures (location of fasteners, clip modification, Z-closure height). Roofers should be thoroughly familiar with the standard procedures prior to installation. Only qualified, licensed electricians should undertake wiring of the panels to the building's electrical system.

UNI-SOLAR PV laminates are designed for use with other specialized equipment, including DC combiner boxes, charge controllers, DC/AC inverters, and ground fault protection and interruption equipment. System design and component selections must comply with the National Electric Code (NEC) and all state and local codes.


  • High Temperature and Low Light Performance
  • 20 Year Warranty on Power Output at 80%
  • Quick-Connect Terminals* and Adhesive Backing
  • Bypass Diodes for Shadow Tolerance
  • UL 1703 Listed to 600 VDC
  • IEC 61646 v1 certified
  • IEC 61646 v2 and 61730, TUV certification pending

    Qualification & Certificates

    Listed by Underwriter‰Û¡ÌÝå»s Laboratories for electrical and fire safety (Class A Max. Slope 2/12, Class B Max. Slope 3/12, Class C Unlimited Slope fire ratings) for use in systems up to 600 VDC.


    20 Year Warranty on Power Output at 80%

    Also known as:


    PVL 128





    • Wattage
    • Manufacturer
      Uni Solar

    Mechanical characteristics

    • Panel Dimensions
      216" x 15.5" 0.2"
    • Panel Weight
      17 lbs